We have decided to close our three clinics temporarily due to the coronavirus becoming more prominent in the towns we serve. We are offering telehealth services though.

If you would like to learn more about our telehealth services and how you will benefit from them, please call 508-845-3500.

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Physical Therapy Shrewsbury MA
We look at your body as a whole system, not just a single injury.

Integrated Functional Approach - We look at your body as a whole system, not just a single injury. We do this in order to create a physical therapy program that allows you to get back to your optimal function without pain and to reduce your chance of re-injury. It allows us to get you the results you want!


Physical Therapy Sterling MA
Not Sure if PT is the Right Treatment for Your Pain/Injury?

Do you have a persistent injury that will not go away, regardless of what you do? Are lack of time or concern of cost of healthcare preventing you from getting it checked out? Instead of putting off your lingering injuries, let’s address them head on.


Physical Therapy Marlborough MA
Access your optimal health and wellness!

Your overall recovery is dependent on how quickly you can learn and perform exercises, learn postural corrections from your PT sessions and learn what activities to avoid that might exacerbate your symptoms. Working with our highly skilled trainers will help you reinforce what you are learning in Physical Therapy.


It’s Not About Us, It’s About You!
Continuing your lifestyle with a painful condition may cost you.
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  •  Physical Therapy Shrewsbury MA
    Physical Therapy
  •  Physical Therapy Sterling MA
    Spinal & Joint Mobilizations
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    Graston Technique
  •  Physical Therapy Shrewsbury MA
  •  Physical Therapy Sterling MA
    Strength & Conditioning
  •  Physical Therapy Shrewsbury MA
    Balance & Gait Training
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    Deep Tissue Laser Therapy
  •  Physical Therapy Shrewsbury MA
    Dry Needling
  •  Physical Therapy Sterling MA
    Custom Orthotics

Look at what others have said!

  • This was the second time I needed PT and if in the future I need it again, All-Access is the only clinic I will go to. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging. Nicholas L.
  • Fantastic experience! I feel better than I have in years. A very positive, enthusiastic and skilled staff. I have already recommended All Access Physical Therapy!! John M.
  • I was skeptical at first because I didn't know how physical therapy could help me. Now I am won over! My experience was great. I feel 100% again - better than I did prior to my injury. Elizabeth C.
  • Being my first time through physical therapy, I had no idea what to expect. The service provided by my physical therapists was outstanding. They were always pleasant, accommodating, understanding, and sympathetic to any and all issues. Pam W.
  • I am convinced that the Enhanced Care Program was one of the keys to my recovery and I would recommend it to anyone post-surgery. With each visit, I felt more comfortable that my recovery would get me to where I wanted to be. I would recommend All Access because I have seen the results. Linda M.
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