Expect more from your Physical Therapy experience.

ALL-ACCESS Physical Therapy, Inc.'s mission is to ensure that you not only recover from an injury, you also achieve your functional/sports goals. It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality of physical therapy care, education and consultation.

Physical therapists give care. We believe pain free movement should not be the only indicator of normal function! Too often our patients have told us when they received physical therapy at other clinics they were discharged the minute they were pain free. The same patients came to see us for treatment because they had re-injured themselves. The reason: they were originally discharged too soon without achieving optimal functional movement and stability to avoid further injury. We want to help you avoid this unnecessary process.

Whether your road to recovery ends at the finish line of a marathon or in the backyard playing with your grandchildren, All Access Physical Therapy’s mission is to aide you in reaching your health and wellness goals. We do this by providing you with quality one on one treatment time, consistency of care and continual education regarding your condition all while having fun.

Established by Steve Messineo, PT, DPT and Mark Powicki PT, DPT, in 2002, All Access Physical Therapy is housed in a 4,300 square foot, state of the art facility in Shrewsbury, MA, with a second clinic facility located in Sterling, MA.

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