Custom Orthotics

Your Feet May be the "Root" of Your Problem

We Offer Customized Arch Supports at a Fraction of What Other Providers Charge!

Assessing your gait mechanics and foot posture is standard practice at All Access Physical Therapy. Altered foot mechanics directly affect joint position and movement which can cause pain in your feet all the way to your back. An orthotic is a custom insert that goes into your shoe that corrects faulty foot alignment and provides the exact support that your foot and arch requires. All of our Physical Therapists have received additional training in the assessment of foot and lower extremity biomechanics and casting for custom orthotics using the Sole Support brand.
Sole Supports is the exclusive orthotic manufacturer used at All Access Physical Therapy. Our relationship with Sole Supports allows us to offer you a custom orthotic at a fraction of the price of other providers. Custom orthotics through All Access Physical Therapy cost $350 per pair. There is a built in outgrowth policy for children under the age of 18 which allows the child to get new orthotics at a discounted rate as their foot grows. Sole Supports offers our patients a 6 month adjustment guarantee which allows modifications for free if needed. To learn more about Sole Supports, go to or ask your physical therapist.
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