Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a manual therapy technique administered by our experienced & certified physical therapist Julia LeBlanc, DPT. Dry needling is a technique that utilizes a “dry” filiform needle specifically meticulously inserted through the skin into specific locations in myofascial trigger points, muscular tissue, and connective tissue. Dry needling is performed in our clinic by Dr. LeBlanc with appropriate standard precautions, sharp disposal, and appropriate protective equipment including glove use.

The goal of dry needling sessions is to release trigger points and areas in the muscle, connective tissue, and myofascial tissue to cause a decrease pain, improve flexibility, and decrease overall muscle tension. Dry needling is a great adjunct to other forms of manual therapy that all our therapists administer at All Access Physical Therapy. It has shown impressive results to speeding up the time to recovery and improving the total rehabilitation process in those who are candidates.

Look at what Julia has to say about dry needling:

"Dry needling has been an effective technique for me to use for pain relief with my patients. I have received DN on myself as well and feel it can be a very effective method to decrease symptoms and improve mobility."

Interested in find out if this manual therapy technique is right for your injury or condition? Email Julia LeBlanc, PT directly at jsalas@allaccesspt.com, call (508) 845-3500, or speak to your therapist today.

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